We have more than a passion for Wine


Collectively, the team at Cool Fish has been practicing their craft for more than 100 years.  Winemaking & marketing wine is something that no longer is something we struggle over but something we now see as a way to improve upon the conditions of life which we now live.  The passion for wine has now transferred into a passion to help those around us, a passion to see our environment being supported through awareness of our personal responsibilities to care for our earthly home, and most importantly the passion to carry a legacy into the next generation.


Talent Review


We are constantly reviewing potential staff to help us enhance our ability to improve and grow our winemaking capabilities.  If you are eager to continue learning, willing to be a team player in a fast paced environment and love being involved with wine professionals, please consider applying for a position on our winemaking team.


  • 3 minimum years in a small to medium sized wine production facility.
  • Understanding of basic packaging requirements and vendor communications.
  • Are detail oriented with good communication skills.
  • Understand the use of cloud based record keeping systems.

Graphic Design

We are constantly in need of advertising and marketing materials of which we are always welcoming team members that are cross skilled in the use of graphic arts programs.


  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premier or other digital video editing.
  • Basic photographic skills helpful. 
  • Understanding of shortcut and/or fast editing capabilities for simple tasks. 
  • Dependability and consistency with project follow through with self discipline to complete tasks in an orderly manner.

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