After a long day of 'fish stories', we believe the last thing you need is a 'complicated wine' decision.


Food wine.  It's as simple as that.  We determined that the two things we wanted more than anything was; #1 - Wine Shouldn't be complicated; #2 - Food wine needs to be versatile and easily matched with a variety of food. 

Finally a beverage that starts & ends with the fisherman/hunter in mind.
— Joe Smith, Portland Waterfowl Enthusiasts
The guys at Cool Fish have made it so simple to just open a bottle & serve with any of my fish & hunt prizes of the day.
— Melanie Peterson, Women's Fishing Association
Reality Check! I don’t ever have a to agonize over my fishing wine again! Done, Cool Fish!!
— Trevor Jones, Global Fly Fisherman
If they hadn’t made it so easy, I might have struggled to throw some other β€˜good buys’ in the mix.......but why?!
— Jennifer Smith, Deep Sea fishing specialist

Red or White?